This cup can keep the drink in a prefect temperature

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From the first sip to the last, keeps the drink in perfect temperature in winter all the time, this smart cup can meet your desire. The cup has already been named Time magazine's 2019 invention of the year.

In winter, this smart ceramic cup can meet your desire

D8CUPS wireless thermostat cup using high-quality Bone China. The radio energy is transmitted through the constant temperature base to activate the composite material at the bottom of the ceramic cup. The composite material at the bottom changes electrical energy to thermal energy, which heats up to heat the ceramic cup.

At the bottom of the base, there are special logo and colored dots.

There are four round rubber anti-skid pads on the back of the constant temperature base, they are used to not only anti-skid but also isolate the constant temperature base from direct contact with the desktop.

D8CUPS Thermostat Cup

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