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For people using iPhones, the d8cpus "wireless charging base" mode is also very useful. However, compared with the official 20W wireless charging platform, this wireless charging platform which supports up to 10W, should only provide 5W wireless charging for iPhones.

Actually, all the wireless charger made by third parties can only charging the iPhone like this. The key is one thing for two function ans it is very convenient.

In addition, when the mobile phone is fully charged, the base will enter trickle mode, and the mobile phone can continue to be placed on the base, without damaging the mobile phone, and the whole stpes will be automatically.

Compared of Jay's song "cold coffee leaves the coaster", the charging base can be "keep the drink warm and never stop drinking". It's also very useful to replace the cup to mobile phone for charge. If you give 7 points to the idea of d8cups, it has should have 8 points for practicality for young people who like new things,

It undoubtedly has the attribute of "fun, good-looking and practical" at the same time. The package is quite package, the cute and simple package also made it a gift for festival.

If you buy one for your girlfriend this winter, you can call her "drink more hot water" every day without worrying about the cold weather, and the water will soon being cold. It's very happy to think about it, but wait, where's my girlfriend?

D8CUPS Thermostat Cup

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