Automatic warming cup, a must-have product for Youth in Offi

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The more than realism today recommend this magical thermostat Cup to you which comes from the original design brand "d8cups".
It consists of a heating base, a cup and a cover. Why is it magical?
Once you put the water cup on the heating base, it will start to heat automatically and keeping the water temperature at 55 ℃.
Some times, after we put the coffee and on the table we will be too busy and forget to drink them, when we final remember them,
the are already cold and no longer tasty. And now with this, no matter how long it takes, you can always drink a cup of warm drink and warm your heart.
It is also very safe. When heating to 55 ℃, the base will automatically stop heating and switch to insulation mode. It won't be too hot, but warm, drink tasty.
Once the writer forgot to take the cup down when he was off work. When he arrived at the company the next morning, he found that the drink was still warm.
The heating base is also a wireless charger, which can charge the mobile phone! Put the mobile phone on gently and it will be charged.
It's very practical. Note: wireless charging is matching all mobile phones which support Qi wireless charging function.
It makes simple drinking become warm and exquisite; it can also charge mobile phone any time and place, so it will still be useful in hot summer;
This cups is so competent!


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